If you always do what you’ve always done, you’ll always get what you’ve always got.


- Henry Ford


Who We Are

Up’s mission is to upend the housing landscape in the

hearts of dense, expensive, and aging cities by

creating affordable and convenient housing

communities for young adults.


400 square foot, fully furnished lofts, each with a spacious living

area and a private balcony. Equipped with top of the line

appliances and designed with cutting edge, green technology, our units will provide you the smart – home experience


At UpCommunity, we respect your privacy, while providing you with luxury

amenities and a vibrant community, both at your doorstep and worldwide.

  • The roof community – 24/7 amenities, such as gardens, lounges, laundry room, fitness center, and more

  • Global community – home swap opportunities for Upcommunity members across the globe

  • Community as part of the neighborhood – Exclusive partnerships with local businesses


Our Solution

Our solution maximizes the residential and business

potential of city centers and creates a global community

that our residents can enjoy.




Old world VS new world



Using existing resources

New urbanism

Quick and ready for
residents in weeks

New economics


The Team

Contact : Nadav Regev | nadav@upcommunity.co | US +1(812)2728120 | IL +972(52)4664400 |
114 NW 25th St, Miami, FL USA |  9 Ahad Ha'am Tel Aviv, Israel

MS Economics. 
Board member of various 
companies (Poalim IBI, Priortech). 
Vast experience as CEO, COO 
and CFO (Abnet, Amdocs).

MBA, MS Marketing (IU Bloomington & The Hebrew University Jerusalem).
Captain (reserve) SF, IDF
and a passionate entrepreneur


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